A corner with

Emma Bäcklund

05.10. - 08.10.2017


curated by trine stephensen


A Corner With is proud to present new work by Emma Bäcklund. Bäcklund’s work surround the continuous fascination in parallels and relations between cognitive and physical experience as well as control structures opposed to complete discharge of boundary. When learning a new movement or language, repeated actions are performed until this gesture becomes automatic. The tongue, a strong muscle alike a hand, both internal and external. Our tool for utterance allow expression to sip through between our teethes. An organ erotically charged. Bäcklund is interested in how cultural, religious and architectural structures embody the physical body and play on the idea of conservatism and eroticism belonging in the same space. Gestures of religious healing rituals knead and steer with entangled hands. Loose hair is filled within walls to occasionally become exposed. The rambling tongue speaks someone else’s language and lends its physical form, moving and being moved by something else. A maze offer choices of path and direction, while a unicursal labyrinth has only a single path to the centre. The ongoing idea of the muscle as a mind question familiar and yet unknown movements to the body. What happens when detaching oneself from form and expectation and in what context is that expected? The habitual structure of the lived body is that which connects us to the world and language is bodily anchored, but can other movements occur by the very act of belief? Structural systems of language are reversed and questioned. Paradoxes of engagement and distance coexist within the same field and one seem to linger in a slippery slippage between letting go of one to enter the other. To disengage self from image, one continue in the search for tunnels where emotions can channel and find oneself yet again returning to the image, held.

'A Corner With' is a new curatorial series and space by Trine Stephensen, showcasing young emerging contemporary artists. 

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