a corner with

The Plantation Journal is pleased to invite you to the first chapter of a new curatorial series and space by Trine Stephensen. 

'A Corner With' intends to highlight one artists' practice each month, through an exhibition of work created in the space in the month leading up to the opening. 

The audience are introduced to floor plan sketches by the artists before the show begins, as they explore the site-specific qualities and possibilities of their work in relation to the space given. The same space each time, interpreted in an endless number of ways. In each case, these sketches will be collected later into a publication together with the final installation images. 

The first artist partaking in the series is Emma Bäcklund.

We hope to see you during that weekend!

Preview Thursday 5 October 8:30pm-11pm
Friday 6 October 12-19
Saturday 7 October 12-19
Sunday 8 October 12-19

All welcome.

A Corner With
51-63 Ridley Road
E8 2NP

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