may 2018, tate modern, photoworks #cornered, talk about a corner with in conversation with Shoair Mavlian, london

may 2018, a corner with, launch for  publication Lethe, london 

may 2018, a corner with erola arcalís, london

march 2018, a corner with yoshi kametani, london

december 2017, a corner with francesca tamse, london

november 2017, a corner with anthony tafuro, london

oktober 2017, a corner with emma backlund, london

september 2017, unseen amsterdam, book market, amsterdam

august 2017, aldama fabre gallery, scratch the surface, bilbao 

may 2017, tate modern, grey cube 113, the plantation journal 6 exhibition w/maya rochat

may 2017, tate modern, offprint, launch, the plantation journal 6, london

november 2016, hackney wick studios, an exhibition, london

november 2016, offprint, paris

october 2016, Brighton photo publishers market, brighton

october 2016, brighton photo publishers market, photo book reviewer, brighton

august 2016, photographers gallery, miniclick, talk, london

may 2016, tate modern, offprint, launch, the plantation journal 5, london

march 2016, einar granum kunstfagskole, workshop, oslo

december 2015, flowers gallery, art book sale, london

november 2015, miniclik talk, brighton

august 2015, fotogalleriet, an exhibition, fotostudio, oslo

may 2015, tate modern, self publish be happy, speakers corner, london

may 2015, photo london, flowers gallery, launch, the plantation journal 4, london

march 2015, kiosk idependent publishers fair, london

november 2014, library of arts, launch, the plantation journal 3, paris

july 2014, copeland book market, launch, the plantation journal 2, london

december 2013, fiskeforretningen, launch, the plantation journal 1, oslo

december 2013, the plantation studio, launch, the plantation journal 1, london

july 2013, the plantation studio, exhibition, remnant an enduring trace, london

july 2012, the plantation studio exhibiton, a place called home, london