Artists: Inka & Niclas (FI), Adam Jeppesen (DK), Marianne Bjørnmyr (NO) andMiriam Nielsen (DK)

Curator and publication idea: Trine Stephensen

Paper: Munken Polar 170 g/m2, cover white offset ink on Muskat Brown 140 gr/m2

Binding: Loose leaf metal binding rings

Printer: Lenoirschuring

Size: 29.7 x 42.0 cm

Edition: 100

Launched: March 2019, in collaboration with Atelier NOUA.

The publication presents the work from the exhibition Sculptural Landscapes as a collection of posters, all in various sizes so the images can be seen as layers on top of each other as an extension of the exhibition subject and acts as an object in itself. It is bound with two loose leaf metal binders rings on top so it can easily be hanged on the wall with two screws.

The artists presented has a common interest in the sculptural and abstract qualities of photography. In their work, each of the featured artists approaches the landscape as a phenomenon, encompassing both manmade and natural forms as well as internal and external landscapes. The landscape in the exhibition is both a universal fact and a personal affair, the spectrum of visual approaches is equally as varied. Here, images created directly with the camera sit alongside those that are distorted, sampled, twisted and faded beyond it. The featured artists refuse to be confined to the photographic frame, challenging instead the surface of the image and expanding into spatial installations. 

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