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speakers corner

24 may 2015

at offprint, Tate modern london

For the talk at the Speakers Corner The Plantation Trine Stephensen walked around and asked the people working in Ridley Road Market for their opinion regarding the newly launched journal sculptural geometry. And here is a summary of their review of The Plantation Journal 4: 

In general the pictures are quite nice, they are quite different. they do remind me of pictures you see on an  office wall, or when you go to a solicitor or your GP or something. Is this for school kids or something? I can see shapes and sizes, the images themselves are alright, one is quite retro. And another is missing the depth of field, that is a mistake, a huge mistake. I like to play with shapes as well. I like shapes. Different shapes. Doesnt matter what kind of shapes. Some of the shapes would look nice as a pattern on a  dress. I like bright colours. Nice bright colours; I like the colours because its bright.  but I would prefer to see more cubes, it is  missing a few cubes. Where are the cubes? I like cubism, abstract. I used to do this years ago. I am easy to please, trust me, I am not complicated. More cubes would be more interesting. Some of the objects in the images remind me of things you can buy in a DIY shop. One of the pictures there reminds me of tomatoes on a plate, but I presume it is That’s my instant thought. The images with circles make me think of the world and the sun, and their reflection; the reflection towards each other. One of the picture is destroyed by graffiti, that annoys me. I am asking myself, ‘why would you do so?’ The blue image has a good use of the space, it’s a good reflection, down to the bottom. Visually strong. Wow and there we have a chopstick. A chopstick. The photographs are crazy, they’ve all gone crazy. This is crazy. It really can hypnotize you. It really can. It’s different man, but ohhh they hypnotize. There is one picture I wouldn't mind having. Some of the images are quite clever, some with very simple shapes but it doesn’t take a lot of concentration to see the shapes. I like shapes. I hope to one day see them on my GPs wall.