Editor: Trine Stephensen

Design: Jamie Shawn

Text: David Rosenberg

Artists: Ruth Van Beek, Francesca Tamse, Xiaoyi Chen, Jess Gough, Hiroshi Takizawa, Adam Glibbery and Maya Rochat

Print: Hato Press

Pages: 44 Pictures: 21

Size: 13 x 19.8 cm

Printing: Risography 120g Munken Lynx

Edition: 300. Hand numbered. 

Published by: The Plantation Journal, London

Publication date: May 2017

"In this issue of The Plantation Journal, seven artists have created work that treats surface as sculpture. The work can be explored in-camera, or manipulated outside of it. They present surface as something to question. They shake things up. Their works swirl, morph, twist, and coil. They become tactile. They invite the viewer to engage not only visually but they also elicit a desire to touch. They invite us to explore these works with more than our eyes, to inhabit the worlds that have been presented to us. They ask us to explore." - David Rosenberg