The Plantation Journal 1 

Sculptural Photography


Published by: The Plantation, London
Publication date: December 2013
Editors: Trine Stephensen and Elevine Berge
Design: Rene Josdal and Mats Lande
Text: Joanna Cresswell
Artists: Lewis & Taggart, Modoka Furuhashi, Marthe Elise Stramrud, Baker & Evans, 
Mattias Malk and Adam Glibbery
Print: Hato Press
Pages: 32
Pictures: 21
Format: Softcover
Size: 14 x 21cm
Printing: 4 colour print, Risograph on Munken Lynx 120gsm with Munken Lynx 240gsm cover
Saddle stitched with white thread, hand numbered and individually wrapped
Each copy includes one unique separate art work
Edition: 100

Description: This first issue of The Plantation Journal explores and highlights the awareness of the photography of items, and in such the variations within the representation of objects through the contemporary photography. The artists represented are from Norway, England, Canada, Japan and Estonia. It is an introduction to an investigation of practices that question whether the existence of the work is object-based or image-based, or whether it can actually be both. Sculptural Photography explores this underlying struggle between the physicality of the image in space and the image itself. The issue includes an essay on the topic following a carefully curated selection of photographic work.

“The artists within this journal form a cross-section of contemporary practitioners who make work of engaging, inquisitive mischief. The provocative wit of their found sculptures, pseudo-events, physical interventions and photographic conundrums, invite us to question what we see when we look at pictures, or objects, or indeed, picture-objects. Within these pages (this object, this journal, this reproduction…) we find the morphing medium of photography as a vessel through which the gap between object and photograph, performance and document, sculpture and evidence is highlighted and dissolved.” - Joanna Cresswell, contributor.

The first issue of the Plantation Journal is an introduction to a series of printed journals that will invite you to continue the conversation initiated. Each issue produced as an object for you to keep and collect.

Printing on the Risograph gives beautiful and often unexpected results, thus prints will differ very slightly from one another, making every copy unique.